Maintenance and services

We, at Alfa Elevators, provide you with lifetime solutions for all your lift maintenance and services needs. We understand that every building, office and installation is unique and hence a standard plan will not cater to your specific requirements. Alfa Elevators have the flexibility to adapt as per your specific needs and provide you with the best plan. Maintenance and service plan: Depending on the site and equipment, we come up with a carefully structured maintenance plan. You can choose from our standard plans or have them customised as per your need. Service assurance: In case of any equipment-related issues, we provide you and your end customers round the clock services. Our staff is well versed with the equipment and are highly trained professionals who will be able to assist you with a technician to resolve the problems Preventive maintenance: Just like any other equipment, the lifts and elevators go through normal wear and tear. Our proactive team helps prevent problems before they appear. We maintain your equipment based on its usage, age, and other relevant factors. Your maintenance plan has specific service timelines for individual components and the system so that we can avoid any inconvenience to you and your end clients.

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Emergency Tips

Hold the handrail if one is available, and stand next to the walls, away from the door. Stay calm if you find yourself stuck in an elevator. Use the elevator’s alarm button or emergency contact button to get help. Reassure and calm anyone who is panicked about being stuck in the elevator
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