Lift or elevator modernization is the process of upgrading and improving the crucial parts of the elevator for it to be compatible with the latest technology. Alfa Elevator boosts your elevator’s reliability, comfort, work efficiency, and features. We also bring the lift up to date with the latest safety, performance and aesthetics standards with our modernization solutions to suit your requirements and budget. A modernization will affect the part of the elevator that controls the movement of the elevator through the floors or the controller equipment, the hoist machines and motors. The tracks of the doors are sometimes modified and changed, all to keep up the elevator’s safety and performance standards. The aesthetics, panelling, electronics, and additional style changes can also be done in the interior of the lift to give it an upgrade. Alfa Elevators modernizes your elevators and escalators to meet your specific needs. We offer you Minimal building disruption Enhanced performance, safety and reliability Improved sustainability and safety The latest technology Cost-effective modernization Eco-efficient installations

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Emergency Tips

Hold the handrail if one is available, and stand next to the walls, away from the door. Stay calm if you find yourself stuck in an elevator. Use the elevator’s alarm button or emergency contact button to get help. Reassure and calm anyone who is panicked about being stuck in the elevator
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